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Salisbury NHS Hospital thank Stars Appeal

stars appeal

Salisbury NHS Hospital thank Stars Appeal! Fantastic to see Salisbury NHS hospital making use of one of our AlterG’s! The team worked so hard to provide this service to its patients at salisbury hospital, and without the stars appeal it would not have been possible! We would love to see AlterG’s in every physio department […]

World Diabetes Day!

World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day! Both regular endurance and strength training are important determinants in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Since skeletal muscle is the primary tissue for glucose and triglyceride metabolism and a crucial determinant of resting metabolic rate, the role of strength training is essential. HUR has a range of evidence-based medical […]

World Stroke Day – lets get moving!

world stroke day

Today is World Stroke Day! Our AlterG’s have been proven to assist patients with their recovery. Sue’s story below is one of our older stories, however it is still one of our favourites! Sue sadly suffered a stroke at the age of 48. Watch her amazing road to recovery HERE Find your nearest AlterG at: […]

New Study into MS & Muscle Endurance with Anti-Gravity Treadmills

FIT wheelchair alterg

“Antigravity treadmills, which were created to help astronauts exercise in space, may be a solution making exercise more comfortable for people with MS. That’s according to a new study by the University of Georgia and the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which found that antigravity treadmill training could improve muscle endurance in people with MS, even […]

International Day of Older Persons

active ageing

Today is International Day of Older Persons! Did you know the 2019 Public Health Guidelines for those 65+ recommend that individuals strength train at least 2 days a week? Research shows we lose approximately 7-10% of our muscle mass per decade from the age of 30, making simple tasks like getting out of a chair […]

Fantastic Linkedin post from Mark, who has MS

mark using AlterG

Fantastic post on Linkedin from Mark, who has MS. This is why we are proud to be the UK distributors for AlterG! So fantastic to see Mark using our machine to strengthen his legs! We are looking forward to further updates! “What were you grateful for this week? Well I had a phenomenal one. Wish […]

Balance Awareness Week – Active Ageing

Exercise using Hur for balance

This week is Balance Awareness Week! Many of our products are perfect for those of all ages who have balance related issues. Whether you have decreased balance as a result of muscle weakness or a neurological condition such as a stroke, we have various solutions. This week we will be highlighting some of these! To […]

Gary Lewin – Physiotherapist

The Alter G is a fantastic bit of high quality equipment that helps us to manage athletes more objectively when they’re recovering from any joint sustained injury.  We are able to progressively load rehabilitating athletes on to the Alter G treadmill to ensure recovering joints become more accustomed to their environment and help progress load. […]

Lifelong Strength during COVID-19 – FREE HUR Webinar

hur covid seminar

“Lifelong Strength during COVID-19 “, join us on our free webinar organised by the HUR Academy. Lower-limb muscle deconditioning and an impaired performance of activities of daily living occurs after COVID-19. Therefore, patients are in urgent need of rehabilitation directly following hospital admission. We in HUR express our strong solidarity and commitment to support activities […]

COVID-19 & HUR Rehabilitation

covid 19 rehab

Many think of COVID-19 as a short term illness, however the long term impact of COVID-19 positive patients is now becoming more and more apparent. We as a country need to do something to help those who are suffering long term with various issues such as breathing difficulties, muscle weakness and the psychological impact. Click […]