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Benfleet Physiotherapy Ltd

We have been using the Anti-Gravity treadmill in clinic for over 1 year now. We have found it a great addition to our clinic, we are able to rehab MSK patients back far quicker than normal . We are using it to great effect post surgical knee and hip, excellent with bariatric patients who are […]

Karen – AlterG User

Name: Karen Reason for using the treadmill: I have suffered from left sided weakness and epilepsy since I was about 18 needing to use a mixture of wheelchair and walking stick. In 2014 I had a fall and broke my ankle and after a long period in hospital and rehab Center I was finally able to go […]

Stevenage Leisure Limited

Stevenage Leisure Limited has been running a successful exercise referral scheme since 1998. Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from the expertise of qualified instructors helping them to return to, or to start physical exercise for the first time. Customers are referred from medical professionals to us with a variety of health problems […]

Jimmie – AlterG User

Name: Jimmie Reason for using the treadmill:  I suffered a spinal injury which rendered me unfit to walk and using the Alter ‘G’ anti-Gravity Treadmill has been strengthening the muscles in my legs as results shown in my attendance records will prove. How long have you been using the treadmill: 9 months. How it has helped you: Initially I […]

Pauline – AlterG User

Name: Pauline Reason for using the treadmill: Heart failure, Stroke, Knee replacement & severe arthritis both knees How long have you been using the treadmill: More than 18 months all together How it has helped you: Gain mobility and muscle strength Has it made any difference to your day to day life? Now able to walk with one stick How […]

Sarah – AlterG User

Name: Sarah Reason for using the treadmill: Recovering from surgery but I also have a disability How long have you been using the treadmill:  Approximately a year How it has helped you:  It helps me learn to walk without having to hold my entire body weight, which helps prevent pain and discomfort. Has it made any difference to […]