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HUR Strength Training equipment is currently being used by the fantastic team and their residents at Badminton Place! It is amazing to see companies in the retirement sector working on active ageing.
Just check out this video of Geoff using the HUR Leg Press!
Badminton Place said:
“We have a state of art gymnasium that has low impact equipment a walking machine and rowing machine. This dedicated gym allows private exercise and physiotherapists to come and support our residents. Geoff has used our gym with his physio today and making fantastic progress with his rehab.
We think it’s imperative that we invest in helping our residents continue to live a active life and keep heartland happy.
Well done Geoff a sterling effort this afternoon with your physiotherapist support and specialism.”
And we could not agree with them more. An interesting comment was made by the US geriatrician John Rude…“In my opinion, most of the people I see in nursing homes are there because they are weak, not because they are sick.”. Whilst it would no doubt be better to maintain a good level of strength, and therefore muscle mass, throughout life, continuously, the good news is it’s never too late, there is no age barrier.

University of Birmingham recently had a study published in Frontiers in Physiology. The research was carried out on two groups of seniors in their 70s and 80s. One group were lifelong excercisers and the other had never taken part in structured excercise programs. The results showed that there was no change in the ability to build muscle mass between the groups.

So why do we let our elderly populations become weaker and increase the risk of falls when research shows we can stop this and maintain/build strength?!
We believe there is a place for gyms in all retirement communities and care homes!
It is great to see this kind of forward thinking approach from Badminton Place!! Keep up the hard work Geoff!!
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