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Many think of COVID-19 as a short term illness, however the long term impact of COVID-19 positive patients is now becoming more and more apparent.

We as a country need to do something to help those who are suffering long term with various issues such as breathing difficulties, muscle weakness and the psychological impact. Click the article HERE to see some of the stories of how patients in the UK have been impacted in the long term by corona virus.

In Genoa, Italy, HUR research collaborator in ASL3 Cardiac Rehabilitation Hospital led by Dr. Piero Clavario, uses our HUR equipment and rehabilitation solutions for treating long-term effects of coronavirus.

“The positive thing is that, after a period of exercise in our gym, most of them can recover efficiently.” says Dr. Clavario in the interview from the above article.

HUR only use evidence based solutions. Did you know we even have a Cardiac Rehabilitation Medical Concept? Through our fantastic testing and reporting capabilities individuals can use the equipment independently and see the the progress that is being made. We also can increase our weight in small 100g increments making the equipment suitable for many where the usual gym equipment would fail them.

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