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Measure, monitor and improve movement

Euleria is an innovative ecosystem, designed around the needs of rehabilitation professionals and their patients.

We produce medical devices to make rehabilitation and telerehabilitation more measurable, accessible and motivating, designed to accompany professionals and patients every step of the rehabilitation journey.

Interactive software and state-of-the-art technology to guide patients and professionals quickly and easily in performing exercises and assessments.

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Euleria: The Ecosystem

Thanks to innovative technologies and teams of Orthopedists, Physiotherapists, and Doctors of Exercise Science, you can start motivating and interactive exercise-therapy pathways right away, alternating recovery sessions in the rehabilitation centre with telerehabilitation sessions from your home.

We help movement professionals better follow their patients through on-site and remote rehabilitation solutions that can assess, plan, and readjust engaging and measurable rehabilitation pathways.

Accompanies the patient throughout the entire rehabilitation process at home through tailor-made exercise therapy programs.


A portable biomechanics laboratory that guarantees maximum measurement accuracy and a tailor-made approach to patient rehabilitation.
A simple and extremely portable solution that allows you to digitise your standard rehabilitation gym equipment and to work with multiple patients at the same time.
The healthcare app for smartphones that digitises and modernises the connection between patient and practitioner at all stages of the recovery journey.

Master data, scheduling and personalisation of exercises, monitoring, chats, alerts, notifications, reports and more, from the comfort of your own PC or dedicated workstation.






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