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euleria xclinic

The solution that digitises and streamlines the rehabilitation gym

euleria xclinic is a class 2a certified medical software (MDR 2017/745) that increases the quality and efficiency of the rehabilitation session.

A simple and extremely portable solution that allows you to digitise your standard rehabilitation gym equipment and to work with multiple patients at the same time.

euleria xclinic has been developed in partnership with Ferrox, a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation gym equipment, and it is marketed under the name of euleria xclinic or XClinic respectively if it’s Euleria Health or Ferrox to sell it.

By interacting with two wearable inertial sensors, euleria xclinic guides patients and professionals in performing over 100 exercises with biofeedback and ROM assessments.

Rehabilitation with euleria xclinic


With a library of +100 exercises, euleria xclinic trains the entire body, and allows you to work on different rehabilitation goals.

In addition to the free-body activities, specific exercises on the rehabilitation gym equipment can be selected, such as couch, wall bars, mirror, parallel bars and stairs.

Multi-kit management allows movement practitioners to work with several patients at the same time, increasing your teams efficiency.



The video-guided movement, and real-time audio-visual feedback of euleria xclinic, guides the patient in the correct execution of the exercise.

This way, your patients stay motivated during the entire exercise, while you get objective data at the end of each rehabilitation session.


Thanks to the multi-kit mode, your patients can wear the sensors and move independently from one workstation to the next, following the specific sequence you set for them.

This feature allows you to increase the number of patients you can follow at the same time.

Euleria Ferrox

euleria xclinic is delivered with:

Dedicated tablet with built-in software

Inertial sensors to measure movements

Elastic bands for all parts of the body

euleria xclinic is excellent for:

Assessing the range of motion

Evaluating patients’ range of motion of ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joints.

Assessing balance

Evaluating stable or unstable, monopodial or bipodal balance, movement professionals are able the track and  analyse and COM parameters.

Detect motion compensation

Accomplished during the exercise by providing the patient with simple and intuitive alerts in real time.


As a movement practitioner, you can customise each individual exercise down to the details of the duration of the eccentric and concentric phases.


Real-time audio-visual biofeedback motivates the patient while performing the exercises by increasing compliance.


Through its moveable stand, xclinic can be combined with couchs, backrests, parallel bars, mirrors and stairs.


Cloud web-based management system, accessible from any PC and compliant with GDPR.

Recover faster with euleria xclinic:

Orthopaedic recovery

For healing after prosthetic surgery or musculoskeletal trauma to the lower and upper limbs.

Neurological recovery

Enhance neuro-plasticity through audio-visual biofeedback.

Sports recovery

Both for rehabilitation and to improve athletic performance and prevent injuries.