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Fantastic post on Linkedin from Mark, who has MS. This is why we are proud to be the UK distributors for AlterG! So fantastic to see Mark using our machine to strengthen his legs!
We are looking forward to further updates!
“What were you grateful for this week?
Well I had a phenomenal one. Wish you could see the huge smile on my face and slight misty-eyed moments as I got to grips with this funky piece of kit.
At home I can shuffle a few yards with my walker. And on a good day even stand freely and briefly as long as a minute or three, if there is something, and someone, very nearby for me to grab onto.
But on Thursday, secured into this treadmill and with air pumped into the airtight ‘tent’ to take some of my weight I walked. I bloody walked, maybe 200 to 300 metres. First time in years. Not pretty, not graceful, far from perfect. But I walked. And got my heart-rate up. In reality and emotionally.
Wheelchair Rugby and the motivation it has given me has done wonders for my upper body. I’ve slowed the relentless ‘progress’ of my disease in some areas and even built up muscle in others.
A weekly workout on the AlterG might be the push I need for my (awful by now) legs. I needed this. Gonna throw everything at it.”
Contact us to find out more about AlterG usage with MS.

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