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HUR offers well-proven exercising concepts for senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness. With the Natural Transmission™ advantage, testing protocols and zero minimum resistance HURs testing protocols, HUR is already established internationally within:

  • Schools & Universities
  • Professional Sports Clubs & Gyms (including wheelchair accessible gyms)
  • Physiotherapy Clinics
  • Active Ageing communities including retirement communities and Care Homes.

HUR provide world-leading computer-based training solutions for all ages and abilities.


HUR Professional Exercise Equipment

Exclusive UK Distributors

Founded in 1989

HUR was founded in 1989 as the result of a research project conducted at the University of Technology in Helsinki and has been committed to conducting innovative research.

World Vision

HUR has a vision of a world where lifelong strength training is a rule and we care for the lives of our fellow humans, and give them the strength they need, for the life they deserve.

Intelligent Exercise Systems

Almost 30 years of developing strength training equipment, 15 years of developing intelligent computerized exercise systems and 10.000 installations worldwide.

HUR Professional Exercise Equipment

Zero Minimum Resistance

The zero minimum resistance and stepless resistance adjustment of HUR machines makes them suitable for all users. For many other brands, minimum resistance starts at several kilos (pounds) and resistance is increased in 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.) increments. In such cases, that all-important progression in strength training is not realized in an optimal manner and sometimes even the smallest amount of resistance can simply be too much.

Many HUR machines also allow for the measurement and training of isometric strength.


HUR machines function through a resistance method that employs a natural transmission of power, Natural Transmission™, which simulates the natural function/movement of your muscles. Using pneumatic technology and lever arms, resistance is adjusted in accordance with your muscles’ natural generation of muscular force.