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Rehabilitation & Strength training

HUR recognises the need to rehabilitate as quickly and efficiently as safely possible. HUR uses constant testing and reporting paired with easy to use technology to enable rehabilitation through evidence based concepts. HUR can help you to rehabilitate quicker, whether you are a footballer recovering from an ACL injury or building strength after a type 2 diabetes diagnosis or suffering with Hypertension.

All of our HUR lines are available in both Analogue displays and our HUR Hi5 SmartTouch display.

Zero minimum resistance

For many other brands, minimum resistance starts at several kilos and resistance is increased in 2.5 kg increments. In such cases, that all-important progression in rehabilitation through strength training is not realised in an optimal manner. HUR’s zero minimum resistance and stepless resistance adjustment (a choice of 100g or 1KG) of HUR machines is perfect to slowly increase weight as your rehabilitation plan progresses.

Contact us HERE for copies of our evidence based HUR Medical Concepts in the following areas:

  • Falls Prevention
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Hip & Knee Rehabilitation
Rehab training
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Natural Transmission

HUR machines function through a resistance method that employs a natural transmission of power, Natural Transmission™, which simulates the natural function/movement of your muscles. Using pneumatic technology and lever arms, resistance is adjusted in accordance with your muscles’ natural generation of muscular force. All HUR machines work both concentric and eccentric phases.


HUR Hi5 SmartTouch Technology

Train and track the people you care for. HUR SmartTouch is the perfect combination of pneumatic strength training equipment and operating software.

  • RFID Identification – Activate training with a single touch. Many of our machines will automatically set the weight and position without the need for an additional physio.
  • Cloud Based System – Operate the system wherever and whenever.
  • Easy to use – Modern large touch screen with clear controls.
  • Personalised Program – Users personal online profile visualises progress from their training program and provides a messaging feature between user and instructor. There is also an additional ability for instructors  to update programs remotely.
  • No need to log in – Start training at the first machine.
  • Automated Reporting- of progress, facility status and equipment usage etc.
HUR SmartTouch
NEW! Features added to HUR Hi5 SmartTouch

The HUR Hi5 SmartTouch Power feature motivates users to perform their exercise correctly and thus help to improve the individuals’ muscle strength. The previous exercises are analyzed automatically, and individual Power targets are shown during the exercise.

HUR SmartTouch enabled machines provide range of motion which help determine where the user’s individual movement starts and ends. Motivate individuals to train safely, independently and improve their range of motion by using HUR SmartTouch pneumatic technology machines.