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HUR Senso for cognitive-motor training

Introducing the HUR Senso, a scientifically based dual-tasking fall reduction and cognitive training platform designed to support independence. The think and move integrated, fun and easy to use equipment simultaneously improves physical and cognitive function through interactive motor training activities and gaming.

HUR Senso Key Benefits

  • Cognition and fall assessment tests within Senso
  • Trains and improves balance and cognition
  • Automated progressions for all acuity levels
  • Fun, social and includes a full suite of games
  • User-friendly interface
  • Games simulate everyday movements (i.e. initiation of walking, goal-directed and rapid stepping) to support ADL“s
  • Convenient RFID personal user identification interface (no sign-ins needed)
  • Outcome management tool to easily track improvements and see results
  • Cloud-based software allows for remote access & live software updates
Assess, train and engage with HUR Senso​

The HUR Senso identifies fall risk, potential areas of weakness and helps establish an individuals baseline.


  • Step Reaction Test

  • Four Square Step Test (FSST) measures dynamic balance and identifies potential fall risk

  • Benchmark scoring based on movement patterns and the ability to perform cognitive tasks

  • Progress tracking through individual scores fuels user motivation

  • Cognitive and motor tasks measured in milliseconds 


  • Progressive training adapts and gets increasingly difficult to challenge the user

  • Personalized cognitive tasks are linked to motor movements

  • Customized routines address and improve the user’s unique cognitive and/or balance weaknesses

  • Goal setting and report tracking for individual progress and outcomes


  • Gamification  that provides fun and interactive challenges designed to build strength and improve cognitive function

  • A variety of 25+ different fun and engaging games

  • Quick engagement in an easy to learn interface that supports user independence

Focused Alertness

Focused alertness and psychomotor processing speed

Training goal: The training program “Simple” trains the focused alertness – the ability to concentrate on stimuli and react to them as fast as possible.

Task: There are four white circle on the screen. One of them changes its colour to red. React as quickly as possible by making a step in the direction of the red circle.

Target orientated reaction

Target-oriented reaction

Training goal: The training program “Targets” trains target-orient- ed reaction.

Task: Four targets are seen on the screen. From all directions, balls appear and fly in the direction of one of the targets. React with a step in the direction of the target as soon as the ball reaches the centre of the target.

Cardio-vascular system

Cardio-vascular system

Training goal: The training program „Rocket“ trains the cardio-vas- cular system.

Task: Make steps on the centre plate to fly the rocket through the universe. A green arrow in front of the rocket indicates that you should increase the speed. A red bar behind the rocket indicates that you are going too fast and should slow down.

working memory

Working memory

Training goal: The training program “Simon” trains rehearsal in the working memory.

Task: A series of tones with corresponding colour lights is present- ed, starting with one tone and continuously adding one. Repeat the tone series by making steps to the field with the right colour.

cognitive flexibility

Cognitive flexibility

Training goal: The training program “Flexi” trains the ability to switch flexibly between different stimuli and concepts.


A: One number is seen in the middle of the screen and four others around it. Make a step in the direction of the next higher number as quickly as possible.
B: Additionally, either a circle or a triangle appears around the number in the centre. Make a step to the next higher number and alternate between numbers in circles and numbers in triangles.

Spatial sense

Spatial sense

Training goal: The training program „Tetris“ trains the recognition of positions and incorporation of two-dimensional objects.

Task: Different stones fall from the top of the screen. The stones can be rotated by 90 degrees with steps forward and moved side- ways with steps to the left or right. The aim is to create horizontal lines of ten units without gaps at the bottom of the screen. As soon as such a line is complete, it disappears and the still incom- plete lines above it fall down and more of the screen is free again. If you make several lines disappear at the same time, you gain more points than for single lines.

Selective Alertness

Selective Alertness

Training goal: The training program „Habitats“ trains the selective alertness – the ability to react to certain stimuli and ignore others. Provoked reactions must be inhibited.

Task: Animals move through the four habitats on the screen. If an animal appears in an unusual habitat, make a step in this direction. But make sure not to disturb animals in their proper habitat.

Shared Alertness

Shared Alertness

Training goal: The training program “Divided” trains the shared alertness – the ability to react to multiple stimuli simultaneously.

Task: There are four white circles on the screen. One of them changes its colour to red. React as quickly as possible with a step in the direction of the red circle. Simultaneously, two acoustic stimuli appear – a higher and a deeper sound. Make a step forward as reaction to the higher sound and a step backward as reaction to the deeper sound.

Visual-spatial processing

Visual-spatial processing

Training goal: The training program “Snake” trains the ability to orient oneself in a two-dimensional space.

Task: A white snake sneaks across the screen. Help the snake to eat the red square through navigating it with steps to the right, left, front or back.

Allocation and selective alertness

Allocation and selective alertness

Training goal: The training program “Birds” is very suitable for be- ginners. It trains the correct allocation of objects.

Task: Assign the feather in the centre to the corresponding bird. React as quickly as possible with a step in the direction of the right bird.

Static Balance

Static Balance

Training goal: The training program „Ski“ is based on a new game mode. The multiple sensors underneath the plate detect move- ments of the centre of gravity which are performed by the player. By body shifting the static balance ability is trained.

Task: Navigate the skier by shifting your body to the left and right. Avoid trees, rocks and snow monsters!

Visual-spatial thinking, orientation and mental rotation ability

Visual-spatial thinking, orientation and mental rotation ability

Training goal: The training program „Hexagon“ promotes the spa- tial cognition, visual-spatial thinking and orientation. Additionally, it trains the mental rotation ability.

Task: Step to the left or right to pass through open edges.

HUR SmartBalance

Balance is a crucial ability that we need in our everyday life. Climbing stairs, getting up from bed, carrying groceries. With HUR Balance solutions you can assess and train your client’s balance in a matter of minutes. Clear analysis reports are printed.

  • NEW! Balance Score – Easily interpret your client’s balance ability with a unique score. Compare and motivate!
  • NEW! Easy to use non Intimidating Client mode for independent training.
  • Scientifically-proven testing methods provide an accurate baseline measurement; you’ll know exactly where you’re starting and where improvements can be made.
  • Interactive computer programs are easy to navigate and feature large buttons, clear graphics, and an intuitive touchscreen.
  • Motivational and fun cognitive gamesimproves strength and coordination.
  • Optional HUR SmartTouch software provides personalized workout plans.
  • Easy access for both standing and wheelchair users, with a wide entry platform and adjustable support rails.
  • Low step up height – makes indpendent training easy and safe even for the more frail persons.
  • Comprehensive reports include easy-to-understand graphics that help track your progress and create new goals.
HUR Smart Balance

Now with wheelchair accessibility & low step-up height