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Jimmie – AlterG User

Name: Jimmie
Reason for using the treadmill:  I suffered a spinal injury which rendered me unfit to walk and using the Alter ‘G’ anti-Gravity Treadmill has been strengthening the muscles in my legs as results shown in my attendance records will prove.

How long have you been using the treadmill: 9 months.
How it has helped you: Initially I was on the treadmill for 10 minutes with 10% of my bodyweight walking on the belt. The last session these figures had increased to 45 minutes with 55% of my bodyweight walking on the belt.
Has it made any difference to your day to day life: Being confined to a wheelchair has many problems, one of them is going from the chair to bed, and this movement has greatly improved because I can push using stronger muscles. This is also the case when going to the toilet and showering!!
How do you find using the equipment: With the assistance of Gym Staff I have not experienced any difficulties in using this fantastic piece of equipment.

Any other comments:
Yes it is essential I am allowed to continue using this machine.

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