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Did you know?

“4 in 5 disabled people want to be more physically active but are unable to as the demand for their needs is no being mat by operators”.

“Less than half (40 per cent) of disabled people feel they are given the opportunities they need to be active, compared to 71 per cent of non-disabled people.”

“less than a third of disabled people (32 per cent) agree that sport is for someone like them – compared to 63 per cent of non-disabled”.


SportsMed with HUR believe that a disability should not impact your access to strength training, however unfortunately many operators simply do not have the equipment to cater for everyone.

HUR’s Easy Access range allows those who are wheelchair bound and those who are not to use the same equipment, why not create a fully inclusive gym for all today?

Contact us for more information on our wheelchair accessible range.

Read more about HUR & watch our video HERE


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