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“Lifelong Strength during COVID-19 “, join us on our free webinar organised by the HUR Academy.
Lower-limb muscle deconditioning and an impaired performance of activities of daily living occurs after COVID-19. Therefore, patients are in urgent need of rehabilitation directly following hospital admission. We in HUR express our strong solidarity and commitment to support activities for effective rehabilitation interventions to improve physical performance and quality of life during this pandemic era.

Learning Objectives:

– Recognize symptoms and risk factors for COVID-19
– Know the consequences of physical inactivity induced by home isolation on cardiometabolic health and the benefits of regular physical activity and exercise training on various health outcomes
– Learn practical principles for rehabilitation and lifelong strength after COVID-19

Webinar content:

10.00-10.15: HUR Takes Care
10.15-10.45: Rehabilitation dept because of COVID-19
10.45-11.15: Practical implications for lifelong strength during COVID-19
11.15-11.30: Questions and discussion

The webinar will be held on Wednesday September 16th starting 10am UK BST Time. For further information and registration for this free webinar, please click HERE
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