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After suffering a broken fibula and badly dislocated ankle, Luke Berry’s “Horror Injury” made national headlines. However, four months on he is now back in full training with Luton Town with the help of the AlterG.

“Head Physio Simon Parsell, who has been with the Hatters for nine years, says an anti-gravity treadmill purchased in June specifically to help Berry has played a major part in his recovery. Indeed, Parsell believes the Alter-G machine has knocked six weeks off Berry’s recovery time. “

Luke himself stated “At first, I was on 20% gravity and doing light walking. It felt foreign, because I hadn’t used my left foot since the injury. The air pressure lifts you up, so you’re on your toes. Then we put the incline on, so it balanced me out. I built it up to 30%, 40% gravity and jogging. Now I’m on 100% full running.

In the past I’d probably have started my rehab on the watt bike, but it’s just not the same. Ultimately, running is what we do as footballers and this built me up for what I needed to be doing. It felt right.”

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