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NEW Active Ageing Research:

We are so pleased to see new research into Keeping Active In Residential Elderly Trial being published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. In conjunction with University of Stirling “Eleven frail older adults (>65 years) completed a 6-week machine-based resistance training protocol three times a week.”

The individuals used our HUR SmartTouch system to carry out their resistance training!

The Findings:

“The analyses indicated large improvements in functional capacity, frailty, and strength in the intervention group compared with the controls. These findings support the feasibility of a definitive randomised controlled trial and reinforce the value of resistance training in this population.” Read more about the study HERE

“We observed major improvements in frailty and physical function – such as walking speed, functional capacity and physical confidence – in the group of frail older adults who participated in resistance training.” – Professor Anna Whittaker. Read more about University of Stirling’s thoughts on the on study HERE

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