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SportsMed Products are proud to announce we are now affiliates of ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators). With over 5 years’ experience in the “Active Ageing” Market and many more in the rehabilitation market we are excited to move forwards by becoming an affiliate with ARCO, the main body representing the Integrated Retirement Community sector in the UK.

Managing Director, Trevor Donald said:

“We are excited to take these new steps forward and become an affiliate of such a well-respected body like ARCO showing our commitment to Active Ageing. Research shows that if we encourage residents to strength train and keep active they are less likely to fall and remain healthier in retirement communities for longer. New evidence even shows we can reduce the risk of developing conditions such as dementia. Now is the time to listen to the research and implement some fantastic programmes that encourages wellbeing.”

Too often the equipment placed in senior living is not suitable and does not get used properly. With our unique product range, including HUR’s Pneumatic air pressure strength range designed specifically for seniors, we look forward to providing solutions that are suitable to the population living in the retirement communities and villages throughout the UK. Many operators have already implemented HUR’s range which includes low start weight, natural transmission of the muscles and wheelchair accessibility. We also supply a wide range of balance, cognitive training and cardio tools in addition to flooring and gym design.

So whether you need a one-stop shop for everything exercise related or just some extra accessories we are happy to help. We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming ARCO events, including the ARCO Annual Conference in July.

Contact us today for more information at sales@sports-medical.co.uk

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