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This morning saw a new report showing the UK Chief Medical Officer’s Physical Activity Guidelines.

It has long been known that it is important for those over 65 to keep active. However the new guidelines show that aerobic exercise on its own is not enough to maintain strength “Older adults should maintain or improve their physical function by undertaking activities aimed at improving or maintaining muscle strength, balance and flexibility on at least two days a week.”

Choosing the right kind of strength training is important however, especially in the active ageing market. Strength training helps with the individuals mobility, falls prevention, independence and so much more. It is crucial to make sure that our elderly have the strength they need for daily activities for as long as possible.

HUR Strength training equipment uses pneumatic technology to allow natural transmission and resistance to be added at very small amounts a time, meaning the equipment is far more accessible to those with limited strength or who are in the process of rehabilitation than your traditional weight stacks. HUR is also IFI approved and has a “easy access” wheelchair accessible range.

There are a range of HUR medical concepts that can be followed to ensure strength training is carried out effectively.

Check out Sky New’s update here. Want to read the full report? Click here.

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