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Available now with HUR SmartTouch

SportsMed Products in partnership with HUR recently launched it’s newest range of Hi-5 Pneumatic Strength training equipment complete with a larger user friendly screen and SmartTouch Interface, wifi connectivity and a the possibility of future add-ons!

Power Target

HUR SmartTouch enabled machines can be pre-programmed with an individual’s power target. The user interface displays vertical bars which demonstrate the peak power of each repetition, while a horizontal line represents the power target. The power target is automatically updated based on previous training sessions. Motivate users to perform their training correctly and improve individuals’ muscle strength with HUR SmartTouch Power Target.

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Range of Motion

HUR SmartTouch enabled machines provide range of motion which help determine where the user’s individual movement starts and ends.


With the Range of Motion feature users are guided to train in correct area of the range of motion. Our intelligent technology demonstrates the user’s unique range of motion which is defined together with the trainer. Range of Motion feature motivates user to perform the full movement in order to maximise the training benefit of each repetition.

See Range of Motion in action HERE

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