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18th March 2024

Website: www.porthaven.co.uk

Founded: 2010

Address: Avondale Care Home, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8EH

Equipment: HUR Pulley, HUR Leg Press, Smart Balance, NuStep, Spirit Recumbent Bike

When it comes to the care of their residents, Porthaven Care Homes takes a person-centred approach, ensuring the delivery of the highest-quality of care.

In 2010, Porthaven Care Homes opened their first home in Cheshire, and since then have expanded to provide award-winning care in 19 locations across the country, with three more homes set to open in 2024. All of their homes provide 24 hour residential, nursing, dementia and short-term care in an environment purpose-built for the practical delivery of high-quality care, whilst remaining stylish and comfortable.

Porthaven takes a person-centred approach, meaning all of their care is provided by a team of expertly trained and highly qualified individuals, profoundly dedicated to the health and happiness of every single resident.

In 2012, as part of Porthaven’s commitment to promoting active ageing, the company started installing gyms with equipment solutions for older, frailer people, including those living with dementia. This however, came with some significant challenges, including finding the right solution to meet the needs of the residents.

"The most significant challenge was getting the equipment right for our residents. Prior to SportsMed products, we had invested in a cable-resistant training piece of equipment, but the product range was limited"

In October 2018, The team from SportsMed introduced Porthaven to the range of solutions from HUR. Following this initial introduction, Sports Med invited Suzy to visit the Panni study in Birmingham, in addition to other sites already utilising the HUR products to gain more understanding and experience of the products and solutions available for older people living in care homes.

The wide range of products available, and the simplicity of use for both staff and residents, made the HUR solution ideal for the requirements Porthaven wished to fulfill.

The unique pneumatic resistant equipment from HUR offers well-proven exercising concepts for senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness. This made it very suitable for their residents, allowing them to use as the equipment starting with a very low training resistance. Resistance starts at zero load to accommodate the weakest users and can be increased in 100 gram increments enabling those of all abilities to strength train in a safe environment.

Falls in older adults are common. The rate is three times higher for people in care homes than in those living in their own homes. 50% of those over 80 fall at least once a year. To combat this challenge, Porthaven also invested in the HUR SmartBalance solution, enabling care home staff to put balance testing and training in place for the prevention of falls.

Finally, a set of recumbent bikes from Spirit were installed. These recumbent bikes take workout ease and comfort to a new level, the step-through design makes it easy for all users to enter and exit the bike, including wheelchair users.

"We had some hesitancy initially, as people often have a wariness about going to a gym and using gym equipment, but this was only brief as our staff and residents realised how simple the equipment is to use and the difference it makes to our residents’ wellbeing"

It is important that the residents feel they can use the gym in their own time and at their own pace. The recumbent bikes have been popular and have encouraged charity fundraisers, including a virtual bike ride from John O’Groats to Lands End completed by Porthaven staff and residents. They have also run an in-house study using the Smart Balance, and this has supported personalised programmes for the residents to support their balance, cognition, and prevent falls.

The team at SportsMed have supported Porthaven from day one. The equipment was provided on an initial three month loan to allow Porthaven to gauge whether the equipment was right for their residents.

SportsMed prepared layout designs, installed the equipment, provided continued after-care servicing and visit the care homes regularly to induct staff and residents on the equipment.

In 2023, the HUR SmartBalance designer visited from Finland to facilitate a session on the SmartBalance with staff and residents. The SportsMed team have also been able to supply and put together additional solutions for Porthaven, including a mobile gym trolley.

Over the next two years, Porthaven have a number of homes opening, each being fitted with gyms using products supplied by SportsMed and our partners. Furthermore, Porthaven are currently refurbishing a number of their older homes that will either upgrade or introduce new gym exercise solutions. 2024 will also see the introduction of the NuStep recumbent elliptical trainer as a complement to the recumbent bike in their newest homes.

"Thank you to the team at SportsMed Products for all the support provided since 2018!"

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