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We are pleased to announce we are the new exclusive distributor for Reboots Recovery in the UK! Do tired legs often curb your ambition? The Reboots massage supports the reduction of your blood lactic acid level – the indicator for your degree of exhaustion. The result: noticeably relaxed legs for your hunt for top performance!

Exclude pain-sensitive areas

Each chamber can be deactivated individually. You do not need to go without your secret weapon just because one specific area hurts!

Reboots for home use or on the go!

Reboots One are ideal for use at home. Do you travel a lot? With our Reboots GO model you’re no longer dependent on an electrical socket. With multiple overlapping chambers and programmes to choose from you can pick the right combination for you!

Coming soon to our website. Contact us for more information today.

Find out more about Reboots Recovery in the meantime HERE

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