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5th February 2024

move4ward neuro physio

Website: www.move4ward.co.uk

Founded: 2018

Address: South Church Clinic, Moray Street, Elgin, IV30 1JH

Equipment: AlterG VIA

For some patients recovering from neurological & traumatic brain injuries, the fear of falling can have a detrimental effect on their recovery and rehabilitation. That is why physiotherapy clinics like Move4Ward are going above and beyond the call of duty to help them.

Experienced clinicians specialising in neurological rehabilitation, MSK & movement, coupled with the very latest technology, Move4Ward ensures that their patients achieve the very best possible outcomes, regaining function, reducing pain, aiding recovery, and improving performance.


As the proportion of older adults continues to increase globally, the financial costs associated with falls will increase worldwide. Age UK estimate that hip fractures cost the NHS and Social care £1 billion per year! Therefore, prevention of falls is an urgent public health challenge.

"The majority of our neurological & traumatic brain injury patients faced the fear of falling when learning to stand, balance & walk again"

Move4Ward Office, Elgin, Scotland


A large body of previous evidence also supports the recommendation that balance, strength, gait, and coordination training is effective in reducing falls, and therefore it should be included as part of a multicomponent intervention to prevent falls.

The AlterG® VIA Anti-Gravity Treadmill® changes what’s possible in rehabilitation and training. With unmatched precision and control, the VIA combines revolutionary Differential Air Pressure technology, an intuitive touchscreen interface, real-time gait analytics, and live video monitoring – all to enable the ultimate in pain-free and fall-safe body weight supported walking, running, and closed-kinetic chain exercise.

Move4Ward are now able help a diverse range ortho and neuro patients to gain mobility, recover smarter, and achieve performance goals sooner. The AlterG Via provided a fall safe environment, giving the patient confidence and the ability to independently stand, balance and step.


The Alter-G’s ability to de-weight patients and provide pain relief and support to affected joints and limbs, allows the patients at Move4Ward to stand, balance and walk in a safe environment. With the wide demographic of patients that Move4Ward work with, from children to octogenarians, professional footballers to traumatic brain injury patients, the patients from Move4Ward love the AlterG for its ability to speed up their rehabilitation process.

"We have had paraplegic patients stand for the first time, since their injury. A patient who was diagnosed with FND and in a wheelchair, used the AlterG, coupled with Functional Electrical Stimulation to rehabilitate and was able to walk again within 6 months. Our patients with progressive conditions use the AlterG to help maintain their mobility."

In additional to on-site visits to service the AlterG at regular intervals, the team at SportsMed are always on hand for technical support queries by email and telephone whenever Move4Ward require assistance with the operation of their equipment.

"The team at SportsMed have been first class, always quick to respond, and very knowledgeable about their products. The service team have been very efficient, arriving when scheduled and leaving the environment clean and tidy."


As their business expands, Move4Ward we will look to use SportsMed and the range of rehabilitation equipment to provide equipment for their premises.

“I would have no hesitation is recommending SportsMed to other clinics or sports clubs., looking for the best options in rehabilitation and fitness equipment.”

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