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7th February 2024

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Website: www.medfit.ie

Founded: 2011

Address: Blackrock Business Park, Carysfort Ave, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Equipment: AlterG FIT, AlterG M320

No two patients are the same, and therefore, their requirements will always be different. That is where the unique technology of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills comes in.

Established in 2011, Medfit Healthcare is an award-winning specialist healthcare provider created by John C. Murphy and Barry Walsh. Their unique but synergistic backgrounds was the catalyst to creating a clinic unlike any other in Ireland.

Their goal is to change their clients’ lives for the better in a friendly, supportive, and professional environment, with a multidisciplinary team of chartered physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to help them reach their goals.

Medfit Healthcare Office


Medfit wanted to create a safe and supported environment for their clients to get the movement of walking or running again. However, in some cases, a standard treadmill is not suitable for to meet those needs, with some patients requiring additional support in their recovery and rehabilitation journey.

As an existing provider of the AlterG M320 Anti-Gravity Treadmill to their clients, Medfit knew of the benefits such a solution can provide.

"The AlterG offers a solution for people to get walking or running, pre & post surgery, wheelchair users, arthritic patients etc. to reduce their pain and improve their movement and function"


To provide an even greater service to their clients, Medfit decided to expand their range of AlterG products with the FIT. Re-imagined from the ground up, the FIT delivers the easiest-to-use and most affordably priced Differential Air Pressure (DAP™) technology, allowing Medfit to help a wider array of ortho and neuro patients, active seniors, and athletes gain mobility, and increase performance through pain-free, fall-safe walking, running, and closed-kinetic chain exercise.

The FIT combines a remarkably low step-up height, with a new, open-back cockpit design. A light and easy height adjustment system leverages inseam set-point measurements and smooth-set locking mechanism. Unlike harness systems, hydrotherapy and traditional treadmills, the AlterG technology can be effective for diverse patients, diagnoses, and various therapeutic stages.

Medfit AlterG Via 5


Even with the most severe patients sometimes struggling to get in and out of the system, the results proved to be in worth it for the movement they gained during their rehabilitation using the AlterG. The support features available in the software, such as the pain measurement, video feed, gait analysis and others, proved to be one of the most appealing features of the AlterG to their clients.

"We have had great results over the years, for example, a client returning to the pitch post ankle injury, but also using it as it offers a safe way for walking for those that a traditional treadmill would not be suitable for, such as our clients with cerebral palsy and vascular malformation"

The engineering team at SportsMed conducted a full service of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill in January 2023, updating the software and firmware as part of the annual service. In additional to the on-site visits, the team at SportsMed are always on hand for technical support queries by email and telephone whenever Medfit require assistance with the operation of their equipment.

"It is vital that we are there for our customers just as much as they are there for their clients. Even a small period of downtime in the machines operation can be detrimental to a patients recovery, thus we offer our customers, such as Medfit, the highest level; of support to keep them operational at all times. It is always wonderful to hear how their patients recover quicker, safer and more efficiently using g the AlterG solutions"

Medfit AlterG Via 4


With the success they have already achieved, it should come as no surprise that Medfit plan to continue to use AlterG as a rehab tool for their clients.

"SportsMed have been great to work with when support is needed or with the purchase of our newest machine"

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