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Salisbury NHS Hospital thank Stars Appeal!

Fantastic to see Salisbury NHS hospital making use of one of our AlterG’s! The team worked so hard to provide this service to its patients at salisbury hospital, and without the stars appeal it would not have been possible!

We would love to see AlterG’s in every physio department throughout the #NHS. The conditions it can help with are endless. Check out our case studies for some of the conditions. As many of us enter into tier 4, experience further delays to operations and try to cope with the lasting effects of “long covid” it is now more important than ever to stick together and look for a united way forward. We wish all patients as quick and smooth recovery as possible.

Keep safe!

“What has happened to patients to lead them here is life-changing. We help to change their lives for the better. These innovations would never have happened without Stars Appeal donors. They will make a huge difference to how we help patients in the future. I’d like to thank everyone who supports our brilliant Hospital charity.”

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