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Sarah – AlterG User

Name: Sarah

Reason for using the treadmill:

Recovering from surgery but I also have a disability

How long have you been using the treadmill:  Approximately a year

How it has helped you:  It helps me learn to walk without having to hold my entire body weight, which helps prevent pain and discomfort.

Has it made any difference to your day to day life: Yes after using it I’m not in pain and it seems to wake up my muscles so that I can carry out my normal daily activities.

How do you find using the equipment: It is an easy bit of equipment to use and very useful.

Any other comments:

Since my recovery, I have noticed the biggest improvement since using this machine and if I wasn’t able to I feel that my recovery from surgery would not be possible. As I have a disability anyway this has also had a positive impact on strengthening my leg muscles.

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