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Sparta Science is an industry leading solution for reducing injuries and optimizing performance with validated scientific assessments.

Sparta’s force plate software is used worldwide by the military, sports organizations across all levels, and the medical community to quickly predict, diagnose, and prescribe personalized plans that reduce any physical limitations to improve an individual’s availability.

Sparta Scan - Load Explode Drive

The Sparta Platform enables quick assessment of athletes to identify their risk of injury and what they need to work on to improve performance.

Each Sparta Scan is compared to an 8 year database and produces unique insights specific to the athlete, sport and position.

Referred to as a Movement Signature™, these insights are made up into three key variables – LOAD, EXPLODE, and DRIVE, – presenting individual strengths and weaknesses.


Validated scientific assessments determine an operator’s strengths and weaknesses to diagnose optimum performance.


The Sparta Software compares an operator’s results to our robust database and delivers actionable insights.


Validated prescriptions are tailored to each operator to reduce injury and improve performance.