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19th April 2024

The Centre for Movement and Wellbeing (MoveWell) at the University of Birmingham, is at the forefront of cutting-edge wellness.

They offer a trailblazing centre for movement and wellbeing, dedicated to elevating both physical and mental wellbeing to new heights.

MoveWell has an unparalleled integrated approach to strength and conditioning and psychological/cognitive assessment with, outpatient musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiorespiratory care. This holistic approach guarantees a comprehensive review of wellbeing, ensuring the diverse healthcare needs of our community and patient populations are addressed.

Our world-class facility offers expansive pre-rehabilitation and rehabilitation spaces. These include a state-of-the-art re-conditioning gym equipped with a neuro treadmill and resistance machines.

The physiotherapy clinic is at the heart of MoveWell, offering targeted therapies to support good health, through the treatment and rehabilitation from injury, acute illness and chronic disease. The treatment facilities offer spaces for students to deliver supervised therapy, as well as private consultation services with their specialist physiotherapists.

A big part of the facilities at MoveWell is the inclusion of accessible resistance training machines from HUR. HUR’s well-proven exercising concepts for senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness, with the Natural Transmission™ advantage, testing protocols and zero minimum resistance, allows MoveWell to provide world-leading computer-based training solutions for all ages and abilities.

MoveWell take a life course approach to research, which focuses on interventions and approaches that help people maintain physical and mental wellbeing throughout their lives from childhood to older age, across good health, illness and disease.

Examples include their Active Ageing research, exploring how to create the environments and opportunities that enable people to live well as they get older, as well as their work supporting employees with chronic back pain, or rehabilitation work for people with spinal cord injury.

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