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The Most Accessible Anti-Gravity Treadmill® ever!

The Most Accessible Anti-Gravity Treadmill ever

SportsMed are pleased to Introduce the AlterG® FIT, the Most Accessible Anti-Gravity Treadmill® ever!

The all-new FIT from AlterG is the most affordably priced Anti-Gravity Treadmill yet. In addition to easier patient ingress and egress, the Fit offers treadmill speeds of 0-12 miles per hour and body weight adjustment from 100% to as little as 40% for users 85 to 350 pounds.

Whether you are interested in the FIT, VIA or PRO Models AlterG enables you to:

  • Exercise pain-free sooner after an injury or surgery.
  • Improve your balance, range of motion, co-ordination, and strength without the risk of falling.
  • Train while recovering from injuries and get back in the game in better condition.
  • Increase your training volume while minimising stress-related injury.

To learn more about the FIT Anti-Gravity Treadmill from AlterG as well as other models contact us!

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