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What the team at Leeds Nuffield are saying about their AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill:

“We’ve found the treadmill to be a great addition.

We use it for a wide range of patients – post-op soft tissue (hip/knee/ankle); post-injury return to activity; even some of the post-op TKR/THR once their scar is healed. We also have a successful (and growing) Sports Medicine clinic which we have setup and this is a great adjunct for that.

We’ve had a few self-pay athletes come in to use it when they’re recovering from injury or as a way of “topping up” their training for less impact.

In the post-op patients we’ve seen huge improvements in gait patterns, and the sports guys have been back to activity far quicker. One of the consultants is really keen to get his post-op ankles on there as quick as possible. The OA patients find they can exercise more with less pain, and this pain translates into how far they can walk “on land” as well.”

Dan Garbutt
Outpatient Clinical Lead
Physiotherapy Department, Nuffield Hospital Leeds

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