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As today is World Parkinson’s Day we wanted to share with you the latest upcoming research.

 “A Pilot Study with Mind2Muscle’s with their partner the University of East London and the AlterG Antigravity Treadmill for Gait Improvement in Parkinson’s 

The aim of this study with the University of East London is to improve the knowledge about mechanical gait assistance combined with Mind2Muscle’s efficiency in gait, balance and speed in the recovery for Parkinson´s patients.

It is hypothesised that up to 30 minutes max sessions over a 6/8 weeks period of antigravity treadmill rehabilitation combined with Mind2Muscles rehabilitation and treatment is effective for increase gait autonomy in patients with Parkinson’s” Charlotte Kershaw, Founder/CEO of Mind2Muscle Charity

We can’t wait to see what research comes out!

In 2020, new research was released showing moderate or significant improvement in gait were reported by 84% of patients in a trial. (Read More)

The Benefits of AlterG for Neuro & Parkinson’s Patients

Unweighting tools like AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ technology can help reduce body-weight load during exercise, allowing patients with Parkinson’s disease to exercise for longer durations while monitoring their gait, preventing injuries and falls, and incrementally increasing exercise intensity. Patients can participate in a workout program that’s tailored to their specific symptoms, needs, and progression.

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