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AlterG & Neurological conditions.

Jon Graham & the wonderful team at Physiofunction in Northampton tell us more about the space-inspired piece of technology and AlterG Neurological applications which is inspiring the progress of so many of their patients in a great article published this week in the NR Times.

The team have been using a fantastic Via model complete with StrideSmart Gait Analytics & Live Video monitoring with a full range of patients.

“One of our MS patients presented as independently mobile but with impaired balance and confidence and walking slowly with a wide base of support. Her AlterG sessions consisted of 10 minutes forwards walking at a three per cent incline at 60 per cent of her bodyweight (40 per cent supported by the AlterG). She walked at a self-selected pace, and we used the video monitor so she could visually correct her walking patterns with the help of a therapist. She then completed some single leg balance exercises for five minutes that she would not ordinarily be able to practice due to instability, and then completed 5 minutes of backwards walking at her self-selected pace using the video monitor for visual feedback again.

After six weeks of training her score on the BERG balance test increased by 3 points and her 10 minute walking distance on a standard treadmill increased by 90 metres” To read the article in full click HERE.

Fantastic to see that word is spreading about the fantastic Neuro applications using the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills.

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